Amicus Committee

David V. Kramer, Chair

Bill Orberson, Vice-Chair

   Aaron Silletto, Vice-Chair

The Amicus Committee will review cases involving important issues in civil litigation, and will determine whether to submit an amicus curiae brief on behalf of KDC.  A case may be flagged as important at the trial court level, but more often this determination is made once the case is on appeal.  Calls are received from attorneys who are involved in civil cases of importance to defense lawyers or their clients who feel that additional action is required on the matter.

Very tight appellate deadlines must be met with respect to the motion for amicus status and submission of the amicus brief.  The members of the Committee are available to assist where necessary for review of legal research, formulation of the positon of the Committee and of KDC, and drafting of the amicus brief.

If you are a member of KDC and want to learn more about the Amicus Committee, please go to the Members Only section, and click on Amicus Committee - Overview for more information.  If you are aware of a matter that you feel should be considered, please contact David Kramer (859) 341-188, Bill Orberson (502) 560-9976, or Aaron Silletto (502) 589-4440 after filling out Form - Amicus Curiae Brief PDF.pdf and submitting for consideration.

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